The Mythological Evening Sky

One of many highest honours any demigod, demigoddess, mortal male or feminine, or beast for that matter may very well be awarded in Greco-Roman occasions could be to immortalized as a star or a constellation within the heavens. Here is a couple of of people who achieved that honour.

*Andromeda [see] Perseus.

*Aquarius, the Water-Service: In Greek mythology, a younger good-looking lad was referred to as Ganymede. Ganymede is carried up in a whirlwind to Olympus by the gods to be a cupbearer for Zeus, or, in a extra erotic model, a servant of Zeus kidnaps him, or Zeus himself did the deed disguised as an eagle. The erotic upshot was that although Zeus favoured the women, goddesses, demigoddesses, even mortal girls, for a catamite change of tempo from time to time… Ganymede was rewarded for his companies by everlasting youth and immortality, finally positioned within the sky because the constellation Aquarius, the Water-Service. See additionally Aquila.

*Aquila (the constellation) was as soon as an eagle owned by the Greek/Roman god Zeus/Jupiter who carried out many helpful duties for the King of the Gods, corresponding to carrying his thunderbolts and kidnapping the younger and good-looking lad Ganymede. See additionally Aquarius 별등록.

*Ara, the Alter: In historic Greek mythology, Ara was recognized because the altar, made by the trilogy of Cyclopes, an alter the place the Olympian gods first made choices and fashioned an alliance after they have been about to struggle the unique Titans with a view to change into masters of the universe, or no less than masters of third rock from the solar – properly, would you consider a neighborhood area of the Mediterranean anyway.

*Arcturus, the Bear-Guardian [see] Ursa Main.

*Aries, the Ram: A younger lad, Phrixos (or Phrixus), son of the King of Thessaly, turned an unpopular stepchild after his pure mom died and the King remarried, a lady by the title of Ino. Ino had it in for Phrixos, and his sister (Helle) too. Ino organized for the grain harvest to be ruined, leading to a famine. She then bribed the Oracle at Delphi to foretell that solely the sacrifice of Phrixus to the gods would finish the famine. Simply earlier than the deadly throat lower, a marvellous flying and speaking ram appeared, a present by Hermes to Phrixos’s pure mom, who I collect was capable of ship it from her place within the afterlife. The flying ram spirited Phrixos (and his sister) away within the nick of time (however sadly the sister fell off in mid-flight and perished). When safely deposited in a brand new land, the native king welcomed Phrixos and naturally he finally married the king’s daughter. In gratitude for his salvation, Phrixos sacrificed the ram to Zeus, who then immortalised it within the heavens because the constellation Aries. The ram’s golden fleece was given to the king who hung it up in a tree guarded by a dragon, which results in one other moderately well-known story in Greek mythology – the search for the golden fleece.

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