Hair Extensions

The caliber of hair that you get within a pair of extensions will play a significant role in the distinction between a good and a bad set of hair extensions.

We all know exactly how popular extensions are becoming around the world and, together with the demand for them getting more and more everyday, the expansion market is becoming very saturated, fast.

More and more producers are skimping on quality, since the price of natural human hair rises. With new competitors appearing throughout the market everyday, most retailers feel the pressure to perform.

As with anything, the cost that you pay on the extensions will generally reflect in the quality of merchandise that you get, no matter how the extension market is famous for being a highly unregulated, so this cannot be taken as gospel.

This series of articles is intended to instruct you as a consumer, and that means you can make an educated choice about the kind of hair extensions that will opt to transform your appearance.

Origins have nothing more to do with the quality of extensions you will get other than the feel; nevertheless this still plays an important role in the way our Permanent Hair Extensions seem. We must also understand that companies will occasionally treat the hair using chemicals to change the feel, which may also alter the quality.

Everyone’s natural hair texture is different and, although not imperative, it’s a fantastic idea to examine the sort of extension source in relation to the feel of your natural hair, prior to buying.

This has a very coarse/ thick texture and comes in dark colours, largely black. With Chinese hair you have a lot more chance of this being put through a chemical process; producers understand that extensions are extremely popular for individuals with that of Caucasian hair in order that they will strip the cuticle to earn the hair look this feel.

Next we have to remember that using Chinese hair, any extension color aside from black, might need to experience some kind of color stripping process to reach its desired colour.

It’s such a rough texture, it is not well matched to the vast majority of Caucasian types of hair. It is personal preference as to if you are happy wearing this hair. To give you an example; my hair is very fine with a great deal of layers and, as I like a thicker, coarser appearance and my own hair extension stylist is quite good at mixing I don’t see much of a issue utilizing Chinese Extensions. I reiterate that personal preference is essential!

So then we move up the scale to Indian hair. Texture wise that this is a similar feel to Caucasian hair but will nevertheless have the same issues colouring wise as naturally it’s seen in very dark colors and blacks.

Indian Temple hair is hair that is sacrificed in temples throughout India. It may be seen as an excellent type of hair to use so long as it’s not over processed. Good Indian Temple Hair will cost somewhat more to buy, but will probably be worth the investment.

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